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Survey Shows Positive Outlook For Indiana Manufacturing


Photo: Liza P. (Flickr)

Several of the manufacturing companies surveyed also said they were considering bringing some of their overseas work back to the U.S.

A new survey shows things are on the upswing for Indiana manufacturers. The Indiana manufacturing survey tracked the activities of small to medium sized firms across Indiana.

The survey finds a majority of Indiana’s manufacturers have experienced healthy or stable financial performance in the past two years. It also shows that 11 percent of those firms plan to expand in the next two years. Of those surveyed, 13 percent say they are thinking about relocating some manufacturing back from overseas.

IU’s Steve Jones says the survey shows solid performance.

“The evidence in the study indicates that manufacturing is going to continue to be a major player in the economy for the state of Indiana, and there’s reason to believe it‘s turning the corner and building toward the future,” he says.

Despite the upswing, certified public accounting firm Katz, Sapper & Miller LLP says most Indiana manufacturers expect the future business climate to remain a challenge.

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