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Summer Program Improves Monroe County Schools Test Scores

Highland Park Elementary

Photo: Indiana Public Media

Monroe County School Corporation

The Monroe County School Corporation administrators and staff are considering expanding a summer remediation program for third graders into a year-long model after a number of students improved test scores following the intensive workshop.

The IREAD-3 standardized test is mandated by the state to measure third grade student’s comprehension and fluency skills. MCCSC Secondary Education Director Cameron Rains says the 10 percent of students failed last year’s exam.  

Most were enrolled in a seven week summer school class, with the goal of passing a retake test before moving to the fourth grade. Rains says the seven week intensive program saw 25 of 31 people in the summer class pass the retake.

“We also found that there were huge scale score jumps on the IREAD 3 assessment that the state requires us to administer,” Rains says. “So the median increase was 49 scale points on the test which was huge and the average was about 60 points. The entire group who tested in the spring and then again in the summer we saw phenomenal gains.”

MCCSC Grant Coordinator Deb Prenkert says the corporation has put a pilot curriculum in place which includes more than 140 kindergarten through 6th grade teachers will work with their classes to determine in  a new reading curriculum better prepares kinds for the test. 

We hope by May we’ll have some more data to come back and share with the school board or the folks here at MCCSC definitely, to see the results to see that it did make a difference,” Prenkert says.  “So we’ll just be collecting data and supporting the teachers in the pilot trying to support them any way we can, trying to help remove barriers.”

Rain says most students who struggle with the exam have trouble with langauge skills in general.  The IREAD test will be administered in March.

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