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Study: Sleepy Southpaws Susceptible To Shaky Syndrome

Man sleeping

Photo: David Goehring (Flickr)

A study shows if you are left-handed, you might be more susceptible to waking up due to leg movement.

Dr. Kuimil Mohan with the Saint Vincent Sleep Clinic says the study looked at 100 people and found that out of 85 right-handed people and 15 left-handed, the lefties were more prone to periodic leg movement during sleep.

Periodic leg movement is considered a sleep disorder where the legs and limbs involuntarily jerk during sleep. The movement is just enough to interrupt effective rest during sleep without waking someone up entirely.

Dr. Mohan says the study helps support a correlation between periodic leg movement and brain function. He says there is only one other study that he is aware of that links handedness with sleep disorders and neither study gives any indication of cause.

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