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Study Group to Explore Possibility of 311 Hotline

Ever try to get a question answered about a city related problem and you end up being directed to a county office?

City Councilman Stephen Volan says residents are hesitant to report problems or needs because they don’t trust they will be connected to the correct department.

“Being able to call 311 would get you to the right city employee faster and more reliably without you needing to know the direct line at the office,” Volan said.

City Clerk Regina Moore said 411 will usually direct calls to her office because they aren’t trained to  know where to send people to get local government questions answered.

“If those calls could be directed to a 311, from a 411, that would save the person a lot of frustration getting where they need to be,” Moore said.

Volan says the 19 different agencies involved in the study group will explore the possibility of cost savings. Volan said misdirected phone calls prevent staff from taking care of services actually provided by their offices.

Three meetings will be held during the weeks of May 16th, June 13th and July 11th.

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