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Study Finds Condoms Do Not Detract From Sexual Pleasure

Kinsey Institute sign

Photo: Reagan McCarthy/WFIU News

Researchers from Indiana University find that people who use condoms have the same level of sexual pleasure as those who don't.

Kinsey Institute researchers say the days when people thought of condom use as a barrier to pleasure may soon be gone. The results of a national study of sexual behavior were released as part of Sexploration Week at Indiana University.

Debby Herbenick is an Associate Director at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion and was one of the researchers on the study. She says a large number of people have been downloading the study, and she says that shows people are curious about the results.

“It was important to us knowing how much people want to know about their sexual lives that it be publicly available,” Herbenick says. “Luckily we were able to get the funding from Trojan, Church and Dwight to do that.”

The study shows that both men and women were just as likely to rate sexual experiences as pleasurable whether they were wearing a condom or not. Other interesting data about sexual behavior can be found in the study, available to download free through 2011.

A link to that study can be found here.

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