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Study: Brain Activity Linked With Substance Abuse Recovery

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Photo: e-Magine Art (Flickr)

Greater brain activity could lead to a more successful recovery, an IU study finds.

A new Indiana University study predicts increased brain activity may play a part in determining which substance abusers make the most successful recoveries.

The study measures the brain activity of subjects as they perform a risk-taking task. Researchers took images of the brain at specific points to examine oxygen and blood flow.

One of the study’s three authors, Peter Finn, says the data collected could be used for treatment.

“There’s not a lot of treatments or good data on treatments out there that are designed to improve self-control, but these are treatments and interventions that are currently being studied across the nation,” says Finn. “There’s a lot that looks like it has potential, but it is really quite premature at this point.”

Finn says the study is not complete yet, but could lead to a much larger effort to investigate the connections between brain activity and self-control in substance abusers.

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