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Students Move Into Spierer’s Apartment Complex

Students moving into the apartment building where missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer lived at the time of her disappearance say they’re aware of the search for her.

Many students moving their belongings back into Bloomington’s Smallwood Apartments were not in town over the summer, but students say the incident is still on their minds.

“We talked about it more during the summer time, but we’ve still been talking about it,” IU sophomore Kavita Dedania said. “I know my roommate and I are going to a safety awareness summit later today.”

Other female students say they will take extra precautions when they go out this year.

“I’m too worried about it although I do feel really bad about the situation,” said Jana Schlosser, who lives in Smallwood Apartments. “I think everyone should be careful.”

Her roommate, Kristin James agrees.

“I’m not really worried,” she said. “I don’t think the campus had changed. I was here last year and everything was fine. Although we never go out alone. We always use the buddy system. We’re roommates and we stick together.”

One mother said her son won’t let a girl walk home alone.

Spierer’s parents have put up new signs throughout the city this week in hopes students might have provide information on their daughter’s whereabouts.

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