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More Students Come To Indiana For School, Then Leave

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Photo: Indiana University

Indiana has the 2nd highest rate in the nation of students coming into the state for school.

A new study shows more students are coming to Indiana to attend college from outside the state, but do they stay?

Dr. Dagney Faulk with the Ball State Center for Business and Educational Research says in 2008, the net migration of students coming into Indiana was 8,382. That number puts Indiana second behind only Pennsylvania for net migration.

However, Dr. Faulk says Indiana has long battled “brain drain” where well-educated students in Indiana tend to go elsewhere to seek new opportunities.

“When we looked at people in their early 20s,” she said, “and that would include recent college graduates; we found that between 15 and 20 percent end up leaving the state.”

Dr. Faulk says there are certain signs that show that Indiana’s population of workers with a bachelor‘s degree is improving. She says dropout rates are relatively low and college continuation rates are increasing.

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