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Student Interest Rates To Double If Congress Doesn’t Act

According to the College Board, average debt per student borrower has risen in recent years, and interest rates will double if Congress doesn’t act to extend the low interest rate for student loans before July 1st.

At a press conference last Monday, 9th District Congressional Candidate Shelli Yoder said Congress needs to work more closely with universities when making decisions that affect students.

“We can make our higher institutions stronger, that the degrees that students come out with will set them up to be highly competitive well in the 21st century. It is a partnership, we do students, faculty and administrators. We need to hold each other responsible we need to help each other to make sure that the education that’s being offered is relevant, reliable and effective in today’s economy,” Yoder says.

IU Treasurer Mary Francis McCord says for the past two years the university has been working to develop metrics and academic progress. She says it’s important that the debt levels students are taking on are controlled. And Yoder says that responsibility should be on University administrators.

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