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Student Group Aims To Electrify Sports Center With Bicycles

Stationary Bike

Photo: Kevin Saunders (Flickr)

Bikes like this one could soon be generating electricity for IU's Student Recreational Sports Center.

Indiana University’s Student Association wants to turn the Student Recreational Sports Center into the world’s largest pedal power plant. The IUSA is purchasing stationary bikes that will generate electricity back to the SRSC.

IUSA president Justin Kingsolver says the new bikes will help campus move away from sustainable discussion to sustainable action.

“I knew there was no other campus in the Big Ten that was doing this and I wanted to get the ball moving and I wanted us to be the first,”Kingsolver says. “So, IU is the first campus in the Big Ten to implement any program like this.”

The initiative is financially backed by IUSA, but the SRSC will maintain the bikes and utilize their energy. Kingsolver says the initiative reflects the productive relationship between the two entities.

“My ultimate goal here is to get 30 bikes in the SRSC, which if we can get 30, and they’re continuously operational, IU’s SRSC could be the single-largest human-generating electricity power plant in the entire world,” he says.

Kingsolver said a bike pedaled at moderate speed for fifteen minutes can power a laptop for two hours. IUSA hopes the bikes will arrive by the end of the month so the program can begin immediately.

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