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Third Street Construction On Track For Completion

Though record rain fell in April, area contractors are still making good time on a Bloomington project which started more than one year ago. Two crews were working on third street construction site today, in order to prepare for paving work on Tuesday.

Project Manager Joyce Williams said crews will begin paving the west half of the project in the north lanes.

“This is an expansion, we’re going from two existing lanes to a four lane section with a center median,” said Williams. Crews will also place in curbs, bike lanes and storm sewers.

“We expect that the project is going to solve some capacity problems,” said Williams. “We’ve also got bus pull offs at four locations to make improve to public transit.”

The project was slated to begin in April 2009, but because of delays by the utility company Williams said the project actually didn’t fully get underway until May 2010.

Area businesses have been affected by the construction. An auto maintenance location employee, Rob Stratton, said their business has been cut in half.

“Before construction we were doing 30 plus cars a day now we’re doing 15 if that a day,” Stratton said.

The project is slated to be complete on July 21.

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