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Stink Bugs Invading Indiana

stink bug

Photo: Flickr/Balharsh

Stink bugs emit a cilantro-like smell if they're squished.

They‘re coming in large numbers and with a big appetite. The brown marmorated stink bug, which looks like a mini-shield ringed by piano keys with legs, is invading Indiana. Rick Foster is a Purdue University professor of entomology. He said he saw a bunch on a pillar at a gas station a few days ago.

“I’ve seen pictures of people using shovels to scoop them off their front porches they’ve been so bad,” says Foster.

The bug is appropriately named.

“They’ve been described as having a cilantro-like odor if you disturb them. Maybe you think cilantro smells good, but too much of a good thing isn’t that good,” says Foster.

Foster says the bugs are looking for shelter in the fall and are invading homes in large numbers. However, the real danger comes from the damage they cause to fruit trees, corn and other crops.

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