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Statehouse Mailroom Tested For Suspicious Substance

Indiana Statehouse

Photo: Jimmy Emerson (Flickr)

The mailroom of the Indiana statehouse was shut down Monday to be tested for suspicious substances. None were found.

A coughing fit shut down the Indiana Statehouse mailroom Tuesday morning as authorities tested for a suspicious substance.

An employee in a first-floor Statehouse office started coughing and feeling ill while opening mail.  With concern that something in an envelope might have caused it, state police, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, state fire marshals and the Indianapolis Fire Department responded.

State police spokesman Richard Myers says after a sweep with testing and monitoring equipment, authorities found nothing wrong.

“There’s no concern at all, there was nothing in there to be concerned about,” he says. “Again, it’s just unfortunately he became ill.”

The Statehouse employee felt better when moved outside. Still, he asked to be sent to a local hospital.  Authorities believe he simply happened to get ill while opening the mail. The mailroom was reopened about an hour after it was shut down.

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