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Statehouse Leaders Say Sunday Sales Law Dead This Session

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Photo: WFIU News Staff

Crawfordsville Republican Phil Boots says he has been told his bill will not even get a hearing during this year's session.

While right-to-work and anti-smoking bills get much of the attention in the legislature, one that will not get any is whether Hoosiers should have the chance to buy alcohol from a store on Sundays.

State Senator Phil Boots (R-Crawfordsville), who has sponsored the Sunday alcohol sales bill in the legislature the last two years, says his bill will not even be discussed during this year‘s session.

“I have been told by several of the leadership that it‘s not something they‘re going to consider this year, any alcohol related legislation,” Boots says.

He says that is despite what he thinks is the issue‘s popularity with the public — if not with some business owners.

“For some reason, we do not feel that we should address that because some elements have decided it‘s not a good thing for their business,” Boots says. “So, I think it‘s something we should look at, but we‘re not, and I think that‘s unfortunate.”

The Republican senator says he will continue to pursue Sunday sales, and says he is considering a push to allow cities and counties to hold their own referendums on the issue.

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