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Indiana Senate To Amend Police Entry Statute

Police car

Photo: Emily Loftis/WFIU News

People would be able to resist police entry under certain conditions in Senator Mike Young's bill.

A Senate committee this morning will hear a bill regarding a person‘s right to defend against unlawful entry by law enforcement. The bill comes as a response to the Indiana Supreme Court‘s decision last year that a person does not have the right to act against police officers they believe are unlawfully entering their home.

Senator Mike Young (R-Indianapolis) says the new law specifies police will not be able to enter a home if physical violence is not suspected – pointing out that the case which started the debate did not involve violence.

“That was just a domestic disturbance, and the police officer had no right to enter,” Young says. “And a matter of fact, the court said it was an unlawful entry, but one didn‘t have a right to defend themselves by committing battery against a law enforcement officer.”

The bill would allow officers to enter a home while chasing a suspect or if someone is believed to be in danger. Young says under the bill, people will have the right to defend against unlawful entry under certain conditions.

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