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Indiana Sees Strong September Revenue


Photo: Dan Goldblatt/WFIU News

The state is expected to have a large surplus this year, triggering another taxpayer refund.

Through the first quarter of the fiscal year, state revenues remain well ahead of the most recent forecasts. Governor Mitch Daniels says Indiana could be headed for another surplus.

The state collected $23 million more than anticipated last month, nearly two percent ahead of projections. Through September, total revenue collected this fiscal year has increased more than five percent.

The last fiscal year ended with a surplus in excess of $700 million, triggering the state’s automatic taxpayer refund, and Governor Daniels says the state is ahead of where it needs to be for another big year.

“If we finish the fiscal year at the projected revenue, it’s estimated that we’ll be back in this situation, with a couple billion dollars of reserves, which would be enough to trigger the law again,” he says.

Gubernatorial candidates John Gregg and Mike Pence have both proposed significant tax cuts, which could lower reserve levels. But state budget committee chair Luke Kenley says keeping Indiana fiscally stable is his top priority.

“I’m comfortable that when, after the election, and you sort out all these issues and priorities, that we’re not going to lose our sense of the mission of making sure that Indiana’s really strong in this regard,” he says.

Daniels also advises caution, noting there is still nine months to go before the end of the fiscal year.

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