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State Lawmakers Meet Today On Education Testing


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The Common Core standards will come into question today as Indiana lawmakers decide how to test students in the future.

A legislative panel evaluating the Common Core educational standards meets today for the second time. Lawmakers are meeting to consider the future of student testing.

Legislation passed this year halted implementation of the Common Core, a set of nationally-crafted educational standards adopted by 45 states, including Indiana. The bill tasked lawmakers with reviewing the standards before the Board of Education determines whether to continue using them.

Tied to the future of Common Core is student testing – the Board of Ed will also have to decide on a new test for Hoosier students.

Sen. Tim Skinner, D-Terre Haute, says he thinks it could be Indiana’s testing options that will steer the state towards keeping Common Core.

“Because you can bet that tests are going to be aligned towards the Common Core standards, including maybe SATs and any other exams that students are going to have to be asked to take before they enter college,” Skinner said.

Sen.Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, who co-chairs the committee reviewing Common Core, says he’s open to the idea of the state creating its own test.

“I do like the idea of developing an Indiana test that would, in major considerations, be based on Common Core standards so that our students would be competitive in taking a test and be prepared to take SAT or ACT tests,” Kruse said.

Kruse says today’s meeting will focus largely on the costs of the state’s testing options, though he expects none of them will be prohibitively expensive.

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