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State Fair Investigation Could Lead to New State Legislation

State Fair

Photo: Margie Michna

State legislators plan to reevaluate laws surrounding temporary structures.

Lawmakers say they’re waiting for the results of an investigation into the procedures which led to the deadly collapse of a stage at the Indiana State Fair before proposing legislation about it.

“I just think we need a comprehensive look at these temporary structures,” said Indianapolis State Senator Jim Merritt. “We’ll form legislation when we see what actually happened and how we need to improve the law to make sure everyone is safe.”

Merritt said there are many considerations for temporary structures, including when they’re inspected and what inspections entail.

“The bottom line here is we want everyone to be safe and secure,” he said. “I think with that kind of guiding light I think we’re going to find some answers and make sure this never happens again in the future.”

State Fair Spokesman Andy Klotz said it’s too early in the investigations to comment on whether the fair will build a permanent structure.

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