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State Cracks Down On County Assessors For Missing Tax Data

Some Indiana county assessors could lose their certifications if they don’t turn in 2007 property tax data that state officials say is missing.

The Department of Local Government Finance announced Tuesday that assessors in 24 counties did not meet the original October 1 date to turn in personal and/or real property data. Vigo, Jackson, Greene and Daviess counties were among those 24. Daviess County Assessor Dennis Eaton says this is the first time the DLGF has threatened this action. He says that counties have contracts with vendors to collect the needed information and sometimes they take longer than state law allows.

Eaton says Daviess County is within 10 to 15 days of completing their property data. DLGF Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave originally extended the deadline until Nov. 15. But last week, Musgrave notified assessors in the 24 counties that the DLGF would begin the process of revoking assessor certifications on Dec. 10 if property data was not turned in immediately. Eaton says the DLGF is not being realistic with its deadlines.

Musgrave says the delinquent data could delay 2008 tax bills and that counties may have to borrow money to provide services.

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