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State Budget Increases Workforce Development Program Funding

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Indiana’s latest budget allocates more money to the state’s “WorkIN Indiana” program.

Indiana’s latest budget allocates more money to the state’s “WorkIN Indiana” program. The $5 million will be used for job training and a program offering free career certifications and high school equivalency degrees.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development spokesperson Joe Frank says the two-year-old program currently has 800 people enrolled, but this is the first time that they receive money from the state budget.

“At this point, it looks like we are going be able to at least double the program, so it looks like we will be serving a lot more folks, and hopefully in serving more folks, more businesses around the state will see the value to this program, and see the participants are the type of credential employees that they would like to hire,” Frank says.

There are more than 30 certification programs open to participants. Indiana Business Research Center spokesperson Tanya Hall says the training could be beneficial for the manufacturing sector.

“Most students go to school,” Hall says. “A lot of times they are getting the basic skills to go on getting additional skills and not everyone has the training for very specific skills that are needed in manufacturing, infrastructure, et cetera and so therefore there is always a need for training whether that provided through education system or through the employers themselves.”

Frank says no group of participants will be given priority. Anyone in need of job training can enroll.

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