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Stage Collapse Claims Head To Field Questions In Panel Talk

stage collapse

Photo: Rich Evers (Flickr)

Following the stage collapse in August of 2011, Kenneth Feinberg was tasked with deciding how money should be given to victims.

The man who helped design the compensation fund for victims of the State Fair stage collapse is back in Indiana to talk about the fund.

Kenneth Feinberg will speak at a panel to discuss the creation and execution of the State Fair compensation fund. Feinberg, the former administrator of the 9/11 compensation fund, says at the beginning, Attorney General Greg Zoeller knew there was a limited amount of money to go around because of the state‘s cap on tort claim payments. He says that led Zoeller to propose the fund which would distribute money to victims equitably.

Feinberg says his job was not to answer the critics questions as to why there is a limit on the amount of money the state can give out, but to design a program to award it.

“Whether or not those limitations should be in place, that‘s the law of the land and those critics should better direct their criticism not at me or this compensation program but at the limitations imposed by the legislature and the governor of the state of Indiana,” Feinberg says.

The panel, titled “Was the State Fair?” will take place at the IU McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. Attorney General Zoeller and others will also take part.

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