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Spierers Respond To Letter Calling For Removal Of Posters

Spierer parents

Photo: WFIU / WTIU News

Lauren Spierer's parents held press conference soon after her disappearance.

Charlene Spierer, mother of missing IU student Lauren Spierer, says she was hurt by an anonymous letter that called for the removal of Find Lauren posters.

Spierer made her thoughts known in a letter published Thursday on her blog.

“To the anonymous writer of the letter directed at me, if your goal was to hurt me, you were successful,” she wrote. “Making me feel worse than I already do for imposing on Bloomington.”

Spierer said she never thought she would see October come without Lauren and reaffirmed her and her husband’s commitment to their search. Twenty-year-old Lauren Spierer went missing June 3.

“We will never stop looking for Lauren,” Charlene Spierer wrote. “We will never give up.”

The full letter can be read here.

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