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Spierer Search HQ Moves, Police Release Timeline Photo

Lauren Spierer Map

Photo: courtesy Bloomington Police

A portion of a map showing Lauren Spierer's last known whereabouts.

The photos show a white Chevrolet truck with writing on the doors and something in the truck’s bed.  But Bloomington Police Captain Joe Qualters said it’s too soon to tell if any of the tips will yield credible information which aids the search.

“It’s an ongoing effort to track down those leads and we remain hopeful that one, two, three – we’ll take as many as we can get,” he said.  “We’re hopeful that there’s valuable information that comes from that.”

Police also displayed for the first time an annotated aerial photo which shows the 20-year-old student’s path of travel on the night she disappeared two weeks ago, showing five locations she’s known to have been in the early morning of June 3.

Spierer’s father Robert said law enforcement efforts and volunteer searches – which now include assistance from conservation officers, state police and other agencies – have moved to a base at the McNutt residence center on the Indiana University campus, while the Smallwood apartment complex remains an information center.  Charlene Spierer held up a security camera photo of her daughter for news cameras Thursday and issued a plea for help to Lauren’s friends:

“I’m begging you,” she said, “Put yourself in Lauren’s place.  What would you want your friends to do for you?”

Police chief Mike Diekhoff said his department isn’t asking for additional help from the National Guard at this time, preferring instead to rely on state police.

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