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Sock Factory Adjusting Well In New Location

Governor Daniels made a stop Thursday in Martinsville to visit a sock factory that is back up and running after its original factory was burned down.

Governor Mitch Daniels praised For Bare Feet officials for their ability to quickly move locations from Brown County to Martinsville and restart production. He says after seeing the company at an earlier stage of development in 2003, he is impressed by the work they are doing.

“I’m always fascinated with how people make money and how businesses operate. And so the details of really this high-tech business now that Sharon has were interesting to me,” says Daniels.

The company hired an additional five workers to run its new facility. For Bare Feet CEO Sharon Rivenbark says they had already outgrown the Brown County facility that caught fire last September.

“The magnitude of the facility he wanted to see. And I wanted to show him, because it’s so much larger than what we had in Brown County which gives us the opportunity to grow,” says Rivenbark.

For Bare Feet has 155 employees and says officials say they expect production to increase in the coming years.

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