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Social Services Revokes Child-Care Licenses

FSSA plaque

Photo: WISH-TV

More than 3,000 complaints have been filed in the two-years span.

State officials have revoked the licenses of 32 child-care facilities since 2010, and cited 129 more for failing to receive a license.

The Family and Social Services Administration says it‘s validated about 900 complaints since 2010 against Indiana‘s 4,400 child-care facilities.

FSSA child care director Melanie Brizzi says the most common complaints involve missing paperwork.

“Criminal history checks, parent notices, child immunizations; those type of paperwork items. Other things that we‘ll get will be the sanitary condition of the kitchen or the building,” Brizzi says.

Brizzi also says the list also includes complaints about discipline and allegations of inadequate supervision. Indiana allows child-care facilities to operate without a license as long as they serve fewer than six unrelated children. 

More than 3,000 complaints have been filed in the two-year span. Two-thirds of them were thrown out as either groundless, unverifiable, or beyond the scope of FSSA regulation.  Nearly 300 additional complaints against church child-care ministries were set aside because the state doesn‘t have jurisdiction.  

Brizzi says religious-based child care ministires aren’t subject to state child-care regulations in some areas, such as disciplianry or supervisory requirements.

“On the issues that we don‘t regulate for, we do try to provide technical assistance, and we‘ll go out and we‘ll discuss what happened; we‘ll recommend positive discipline measures, recommend some classes that are available on classroom management,” Brizzi says.

Religious institutions must register child-care ministries with the state, but are exempt from many of the regulations other providers face.  The 32 revocations represent less than one-percent of the total number of licensed or registered facilities.

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