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Snoozin’ Goose Ranch Owner Talks Turkey

242 million turkeys are expected to be raised this year in the United States.

At the Snoozin’ Goose Ranch these turkeys are strutting around perhaps because they won’t end up this year on someone’s dinner table.

“Most of the time they get along with each other like you see them doing now. Sometimes they’ll have a tiff with each other and fight for a day then calm back down,” said owner Seth Eads.

“I’ve just always liked birds- when I was a kid I got some chicks and some turkeys and then through the years I raised different things at different times. I just decided to get back into it now- raising lots of different stuff.”

Among his flock are guineas, ducks, chickens, geese, pigeons, pheasants, quail and of course turkeys. Eads has ten adult turkeys he uses for breeding.

“Some people buy them because they want to raise them up for meat, some people want to get their own flock so they can raise their own, or their own flock just for fun.”

“You can feed it pure stuff and you know that it’s not got drugs, antibiotics, hormones fed to it – you know what its diet has been and it can be organic if you feed it the right things.”

But still the majority of turkeys that are produced are sold through retail outlets and not directly from a farm. At Thanksgiving 88-percent of Americans eat turkey….according to Indiana’s Business Research Center that amounted to roughly 736 pounds of turkey last year.

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