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Slideshow: It’s Hot, But Not As Hot As Last Year

  • man drinking water

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    Photo: Ying Chen

    Solomon Lowerstein Jr. takes a break to drink water during his walk in Bloomington.

  • construction worker builds a rock all

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    Photo: Ying Chen

    Construction workers from Hagerman Group build a rock wall on 10th street in Bloomington. This week, they have been dealing with heat in the 90s.

  • man watering garden

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    Photo: Ying Chen

    The Indiana University Campus Division employee Andrew Rodgers says he has been watering this sidewalk garden everyday to keep it looking fresh during the recent heatwave.

  • construction worker directs traffic

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    Photo: Ying Chen

    Hagerman Group employee Taylor Mcglocklin directs the flow of the traffic on 10th Street in Bloomington. He keeps a gallon of water nearby to serve as a small relief from the heat.

  • b-line runner

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    Photo: Ying Chen

    A woman runs down the B-line Trail in Bloomington where temperatures were expected to reach the low 90s on Friday.

  • two men in people's park

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    Photo: Ying Chen

    Bloomington residents Jack Miles and Joshua Harrell try to cool off by taking off their shirts while sitting in People's Park.

Temperatures have been in the 90s this week as a heat wave has moved across the Midwest. After cool temperatures lasted late into June, the heat has prompted the Indiana Department of Labor to issue a heat warning, and some Hoosiers to wish they weren’t outdoors.

Others have been more appreciative of the warm weather.

No matter which camp you fall into, numbers from the National Weather Service show it’s still not nearly as hot as last year. A quick comparison of this year’s temperatures compared to last shows a fairly large disparity.

chart of maximum temperatures in bloomington


For those who say it’s still too hot, there is some relief coming. Temperatures are expected to drop in the next week as a cool front moves in, bringing possible severe weather along with it.

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