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Shelters to Remain Open Until Power is Restored

power lines

Photo: WFIU/WTIU, Alex Roy

Downed trees and power lines have left people across the region without power.

Even though power is returning to many homes, local shelters remain open to help those in need.  Monroe County and Terre Haute are among several communities that have shelters open to lend a hand to people who need a place to stay and keep warm.

Monroe County Red Cross Executive Director Sue Gulley says the shelter at Bloomington North High School opened yesterday afternoon and last night seven people stayed the night.  Gulley says officials will evaluate conditions each day and determine whether to keep the shelter open.

“We’re just encouraging people if they need to come in just as a place to get warm and have some hot coffee and food, they can do that.  If they have just been without power too long and they need to stay in the shelter overnight, they can certainly come at any time,” said Gulley.

Wabash Valley Red Cross Executive Director Carol Stevens says their shelter saw 75 people on Tuesday night, but she expects that number may be decreasing because power is being restored to many houses.  Still Stevens says the shelter will remain open until it’s no longer needed.

“We will remain open as long as we have families that are without power and need a place to go, we are certainly hoping that we are going to be able to close our shelters at least by over the weekend, power will be restored by then, but if not, we will remain open,” Stevens said.

As of 11 this morning, about 17,000 people statewide were still without power.

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