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Sequestration Might Affect Middle Way House

Anti-violence programs such as Middle Way House in Bloomington could be hurt by the government’s so-called sequester if lawmakers in Washington do not agree to a budget deal by Friday.

Executive Director Toby Strout says federal funding cuts would mean she would have to shut day care, youth programs and legal services.

“When you get right down to it, it could be that the only thing that remains is emergency shelter. Now even that funding is threatened. So are there plans in place? Yes. But heaven help us if we have to put them in effect,” Strout says.

The cuts would also include $1.7 million in funding for Army base operations and $7 million for Air Force operations. In addition, the Obama administration says $13.8 million in financing for primary and secondary education is slated to be axed. This would mean a cut in funding for around 50 schools, putting the jobs of approximately 190 teachers at risk and impacting nearly 12,000 Hoosier students.

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