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Senator Simpson Not Running for Governor

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Photo: Dan Goldblatt (WFIU News)

Simpson has decided not to run for the states highest elected position.

Senator Vi Simpson will not be running for Indiana governor in the 2012 elections. Though she was tempted to run, Simpson said she does not want to disrupt her family.

“I decided that for me, right now, I’m enjoying my life with my husband, my two children and my four grandchildren and bringing that much disruption and concentrated effort into my life at this moment was just not the right thing for me,” said Simpson.

As the elected leader of the senate democrat caucus, she plans to continue being a major advocate in state government.

“I think that there is a role for me to play in terms of speaking to more progressive issues and trying to help the Senate to see its way clear to change the radical ways it has adopted in the last couple of years,” said Simpson.

According to the Associated Press, Former Democratic Indiana House Speaker John Gregg is the only Democratic candidate running for governor.

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