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Former Senator Evan Bayh Will Chair CIA Accountability Board

Former Indiana governor Evan Bayh

Photo: Gretchen Frazee

Evan Bayh speaks at a luncheon about his future in state government.

Retired Indiana senator and former governor Evan Bayh will chair an accountability board for the Central Intelligence Agency after an internal investigation showed agency personnel improperly gained access to Senate computers.

CIA spokesman Dean Boyd said in a statement yesterday that some CIA employees acted without authorization.

According to NPR, the investigation stems back to March when Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, claimed the CIA interfered with committee work on a report about interrogation methods used during the Bush administration. CIA director John Brennan said this accusation was not true.

“‘In place of asking any questions, the CIA’s unauthorized search of the committee computers was followed by an allegation — which we now have seen repeated anonymously in the press — that the committee staff had somehow obtained the document through unauthorized or criminal means,’ she said.

“In a separate appearance in Washington today, CIA Director John Brennan said the agency had not hacked into the committee’s computers.

“‘Nothing could be further from the truth,’ Brennan said at a Council on Foreign Relations event. ‘We wouldn’t do that. I mean, that’s just beyond the scope of reason.’”

Boyd says the inspector general at the CIA found these claims were true. Brennan apologized and submitted the findings to an accountability board, which will be led by Bayh, a former senate intelligence committee member.

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