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Senator Emphasizes Defense Industry As Budget Debate Looms

donnelly in turkey

Photo: Joe Donnelly (flickr)

Senator Donnelly and the U.S. Delegation tour the NATO Patriot Battery in Turkey near the Syrian border in April 2013.

Senator Joe Donnelly is calling attention to the defense industry in the state.

The Democrat is visiting contractors and an Air National Guard base this week. He stopped at Purdue’s Zucrow Labs to see the work being done to protect members of the military.

“Whether they are in a Humvee, whether they are on the ground in Afghanistan, they have the best equipment possible and the best technology, and that’s what we have here,” Donnelly says.

Donnelly says he will share the information with other members of the Senate Armed Services Committee as they begin budget negotiations.

He says the Department of Defense should not take the brunt of all the spending cuts, and thinks the test should be: how wisely are dollars being used?

Donnelly says there are several overseas military bases that he does not consider the best use of taxpayer money.

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