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Senate Committee Fails to Produce a Quorum


Photo: Joe Hren

Democrats did not attend last week or this week, and said they refused to do so because of the resolution.

For the second straight time, a Senate committee failed to produce a quorum when considering a piece of legislation that would require presidential candidates to show their birth certificates to be on the Indiana ballot.

The committee, composed of five Republicans and three Democrats, needs at least five members present to conduct business.  Democrats did not attend last week or this week and said they refused to do so because of the resolution.  Fort Wayne Republican Senator Tom Wyss has been absent both times as well.  Resolution author Mike Delph said they’re ignoring their oath of office.

“Senator Wyss is just adamantly opposed to this, so he said he wouldn’t show up. He’s acting like the Democrats right now,” Delph said.

Wyss said he had other responsibilities that conflicted with the committee meetings. Still, he is opposed to the resolution, saying there are more important issues to focus on.

“And to deal with that kind of an issue now, especially the last week, is just kind of crazy,” Wyss said.

Delph said he plans to try to get the resolution into a summer study committee, adding the issue will not go away.

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