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Senate Allocates More Money To Indiana State Fair Victims

Indiana State Fair

Photo: Kat Rowland (Flickr)

The cause of the Indiana State Fair stage collapse has not been officially determined.

A Senate panel Thursday allocated more money for victims of last year’s State Fair stage collapse.

Under Indiana’s tort claims cap, the state was able to split five million dollars among the estates of those who died or who were injured in the stage collapse. This session, a House bill set aside an additional $5 million from recently discovered corporate tax revenue that had been misplaced for several years.

A Senate committee amended that bill Thursday, upping the amount to six million dollars. Committee Chair Luke Kenley says the House bill did a good job providing more money to the victims in a fair way.

“But we weren’t sure that we were taking care of the people that may have a long term issue.”

18-year-old Brad Humphrey, who was paralyzed in the stage collapse, testified before the Senate committee last week. He said he was worried the additional five million dollars still wouldn’t be enough for all the victims. The bill now moves to the Senate floor.

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