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Schools Adjust To New I-STEP Requirements As Testing Begins

This marks the first year the new school grading system is being implemented by the state.

Lakeview Elementary Principal Tommy Richardson says teachers are stressing essential skills in order to boost I-STEP scores.

“The test we look at is a summit of assessment,” he says. “The formative assessments prior to that serve as great predictors of the students who need some extra support or those students who can go head and further enrich within a specific skill.”

Lakeview was one of six MCCSC schools to receive an “A” this school year by the new state standards. MCCSC Elementary Education Director Cameron Rains says they are curious to see how much I-STEP results will effect their “A” school grade.

“Obviously the goal is for all of our students to perform really well,” he says. “Not just because it’s a state assessment, but because it does measure some of the basic skills that students need to be successful at the next grade level.”

The tests will be sent to the Indiana Department of Education for review after testing concludes on Wednesday. Rains says some results will be returned in June, but they will not receive the accountability measures until August or September.

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