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Parents Seek Sales To Offset Rising School Supplies Costs

Back to school lists have grown over the years, and parents are spending more as a result.

The National Retail Federation estimates parents will spend more than $650 this year on school supplies, which is an increase of about $85 from last year.

Cynthia Banks is the parent of a high school junior in Bloomington and she says she’s relying on sales to help her save a few extra dollars.

“We’re shopping for school supplies such as, binders, pencils the usual items that a junior will need for high school,” Banks says as she shops at Office Depot.

Bloomington Office Depot Store Manager Carl James says there seems to be no shortage of sales.

“Most retailers have their big Christmas around December, for us back to schools’ our Christmas,” James says.

He says traditional items like pens and pencils are still on the lists, but the larger ticket items are likely what’s driving the costs up.

“One thing that’s newer you’re seeing flash drives on almost everybody’s list,” he says. “So the students are using computers a lot more so technology’s becoming a bigger piece of that.”

James says the back to school season continues through September. Most schools around the area are starting back between August 6 and August 13.

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