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Rural Veterans Can Access Virtual Healthcare


Photo: takomabibelot (Flickr)

Indianapolis' Roudebush VA medical center serves more than 63,000 veterans.

The U.S. Veterans Administration is using a program called “Telemedicine” to provide health care to veterans living in rural areas.   It allows vets across the nation to connect online with their local veterans hospitals for actual doctor visits that include health checks and consultations.

David Yanez is Facility TeleHealth Coordinator at Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis. He says Indiana has three programs that include: Home TeleHealth, Clinical Video TeleHealth and Store Forward TeleHealth.

The technologies involve health care through free, computer health monitoring devices from their home, via Skype or at centers veterans can visit that are closer to home.

Yanez says the Indianapolis facility serves 63,000 veterans. He says it is also inevitable that similar technology will soon be available to the general population.

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