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Getting Rid of Bedbugs Not Easy

Though you’ve probably heard the warnings about these tiny critters, keeping them away may be easier said than done.

Elia Levine is the president of Gold Seal Pest Control Company. “Bedbugs are small parasitic insects,” said Levine. “They come out in the middle of the night when you’re asleep as a general rule, and they feed on you, they go back to their nest or brew centers, and when you wake up the next morning and notice there’s a spot that itches and you look down on your sheets and you see there may be some blood spots and you realize they may be yours.”

Unlike most insects, bedbugs are not associated with uncleanliness. They can affect anyone who comes into contact with a high traffic area such as multifamily housing, hotels, movie theaters, cruise ships and public transportation vehicles.

Walnut Grove senior property manager Jonell Clark said they were hit with the bedbug epidemic last year.

“Last year we had a major infestation and we are totally bedbug free at this point. And we’ve managed to stay that way,” said Clark.

But getting rid of bedbugs is not easy. Walnut Grove partnered with a professional pest control company to get rid of the problem.

“Heat is as close as to the silver bullet that we have right now. We know that the thermal death point for a bedbug is approximately 113 degrees, so we introduced a dry heart moving it with air movers in order to penetrate all the core areas including mattresses, walls, inside sofas, so on and so forth.”

Bed bugs are easiest to detect at night. If you’ve identified what you think may be a possible infestation, health officials say enlist the help of a professional so you can begin treating the problem.

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