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Hoosiers Could Be Asked To Verify Identity For Tax Returns

tax return

Photo: 401(K) 2013 (Flickr)

Indiana residents could be asked to complete a quiz to help verify their identity on their tax return.

The Indiana Department of Revenue is beginning a new verification process for Hoosiers’ tax returns as a way to prevent identity theft.

Department officials announced today it will use services from the business software and solutions firm LexisNexis to confirm the identity of taxpayers filing for a refund.

State officials estimate about 10 percent of Hoosiers’ will have to complete an additional step because the system will not be able to confirm their identities.

If that is the case, the Department of Revenue will send the person a letter instructing him or her to take a two-minute long “identity confirmation quiz”.

In a statement, department officials emphasized those required to take the quiz “are not suspected of identity theft.”

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