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Reske Criticizes Brooks For Abortion Stance She May Not Hold

reske brooks

Photo: Courtesy of Scott Reske and Susan Brooks

Reske (left) and Brooks (right) will face off in November.

Democrats have accused Republicans this election cycle of waging a “war on women”. Democratic State Representative Scott Reske, running to replace Dan Burton in Indiana’s Fifth Congressional District, called Wednesday on his female Republican opponent,  former U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks, to repudiate the Republican Party‘s platform on abortion, which does not include exceptions for rape, incest or saving a mother’s life.

“My opponent and others tout themselves as advocates for less government. Nothing could be more intrusive than government telling a victim of rape or incest that she has no choice,” Reske says.

However, on Brooks‘s website, she describes herself “pro-life” but supports an amendment that would ban federal funding for abortions except in cases of rape, incest or if the mother‘s life were in danger. Reske says if she believes that abortion is okay in those cases, she should have fought harder to include that language in the GOP platform.

Ironically, Brooks was criticized by at least one of her Republican opponents during the primary campaign of not being conservative enough when it comes to abortion, because of her past support for the Women‘s Fund of Central Indiana. That is because the Fund had given grants in the past to Planned Parenthood that were spent on medical screenings and birth control supplies for women who could not afford them.

When asked if he supported the Democratic Party‘s platform on abortion, which places no conditions on any abortions at any time during pregnancy, Reske said he supported a “woman‘s right to choose” and said he thought that position was consistent with the party platform.

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