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Residents Voice Opposition to City Takeover of Sewer Company

Residents of Richland Township crowded the conference room of the Ellettsville Fire Station Monday night to voice their opposition to the city’s takeover of one local sewer company.

Last week the Eastern Richland Sewer Corporation merged with the Northern Richland Sewer Corporation, muddling with the city of Ellettsville’s desire of taking over Northern’s sewer system. President of Ellettsville City Council, David Drake, says that when Ellettsville began investigations condemning Northern’s system they decided to merge with Eastern Richland.

“They tried to make an end run around us and merge voluntarily with Eastern Richland Sewer Corporation. As opposed to letting Ellettsville take them over,” he said.

Scott Dompke presented a study on the Northern Richland sewer system. He says the system has deteriorated severely since it was first built over 10 years ago and repairing it will be beneficial.

“It will benefit Ellettsville by removing extraneous sources of water from the sewer collections systems so that it’s just collecting domestic waste as it was designed to do,” Dompke said.

Nearly 50 residents of Richland Township expressed their disdain for the proposed ordinance saying that the city is mainly concerned with taking their money and expressed their approval for the Eastern Richland Sewer Corporation. Drake believes that it makes more sense to allow Eastern to spend their money fixing Northern’s sewer system.

“Can we really count on Eastern fixing those problems, and if so it’s much better to let them fix them with their money then for us to fix them with our money,” Drake said.

The town council did not come to a conclusion over the disputed ordinance and will discuss it further in two weeks.

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