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Residents Bring Solutions To Deer Task Force

Emotions were high as Monroe County residents expressed their concerns about the growing deer population while bringing their own solutions to the Bloomington-Monroe County Deer Task Force last night. Everyone who attended last night’s forum could agree on at least one thing: there are too many deer in Monroe County.

For Bloomington resident Joyce Kostelecky, the deer overrunning her land are not just a pesky nuisance, but she says they’ve blighted her property, traumatized her children, and caused thousands of dollars of damage.

“They’ve eaten all of the allegedly deer resistant plants that people say you can plant,” she said. “They eat my spirea, they eat chrysanthemums, holly, black eyed susan plants down to the ground so they’re now gone, coreopsis daisies…”

Folks living outside the city limits shared similar stories. David Ray says he had to give up gardening because of all the deer living near his home.

Ray says he thinks the best way to control the deer population is to increase the availability of huntable lands in the county.

“I know there’s going to be a lot of resistance to it,” he said, “but I think probably the only economic and viable solution to it is some type of hunting. Rather than paying $800-$900 to have them removed, you would have the hunter paying $24 to do it, and then that meat could be donated to a food bank.”

Many of the almost 2 dozen attendees at last night’s meeting spoke in favor of increased hunting citing the economic feasibility and the ease of implementation. The next public discussion of the task force is Thursday evening at 6PM in the Grandview Elementary cafeteria.

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