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Report: Indiana Companies Can’t Find Qualified Workers


Photo: U.S. Government

Small companies say they need a better-educated and better-trained workforce to fill all their open jobs.

A new report says thousands of small businesses in Indiana are having trouble finding qualified workers. Jack Mozloom, spokesman for the Indianapolis Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business says this reflects a national trend.

The NFIB‘s monthly Economic Trends Report is due out next week. Mozloom says in Indiana, employers are having a tough time finding highly skilled workers in areas such as manufacturing, but he puts some of the onus on politicians and schools.

“Public officials have to think hard about what they‘re doing for job training, what is the educational system producing and why aren‘t they producing people who step into these jobs that require more skills and pay more,” he says.

Mozloom says 72 percent of small businesses trying to fill jobs have been unable to find qualified applicants. The report shows employment among small businesses as positive but still weak. Twelve percent of small employers reported hiring about three new workers over the past few months. However, 14 percent say they reduced workers by slightly less than three. The other 74 percent of small firms made no changes.

Mozloom says state lawmakers should refine education and job training programs across the state to help increase the pool of qualified applicants.

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