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Renowned Opera Singer Angela Brown Donates Recordings to IU

IU administration accepted the expanded recording collection of Soprano Angela Brown during a ceremony at the Musical Arts Center Thursday. The collection will be housed in the Archives of African-American music and culture where they will be used as materials for course development and research.

Dr. Portia Maultsby, Director Archives of African-American Music and Culture said having those materials for course development with the inclusion of African-American performers in classical music will help with existing courses. “It’s a wonderful research for students who aspire to be an opera singer.”

IU Alumnus and Opera singer Angela Brown is rehearsing and preparing to give her audience something different — more than the ordinary.

“Opera from a sistah’s point of view is just a concert that demystifies opera for audiences that normally wouldn’t go,” said Brown. “The opera audiences aren’t very diverse so I was like maybe I need to break it down and make it tasty for folks so they won’t feel so foreign and it’s an elitist art form that no one could enjoy but the mega rich, but it’s entertainment.”

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