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R-BB Gets Nearly $200k for iPads, Classroom Tech Improvement


Richland-Bean Blossom schools will expand their use of iPads thanks to a grant from the Indiana Department of Education.

Richland-Bean Blossom School Corporation will use nearly $200,000 in grant funding to transition middle school math, language arts and social studies curriculums away from using printed textbooks.

Richland-Bean Blossom is one of just 22 school corporations statewide to receive money from the Indiana Department of Education’s Classroom Innovation Grant program.  Superintendent Steve Kain said the money will be used to purchase technology for Edgewood Middle School.

“We will be providing iPads for the 8th grade students – about 200 of them.  So the total grant is $196,711,” Kain said.

Kain said the school corporation is watching talks in the Indiana General Assembly which would push the state toward more virtual classes and fewer textbooks.  He added it’s a plan R-BB is likely to adopt in some form, even without prodding from legislators.

“We have already gone that route with U.S. history at the high school and the chemistry department is also talking about it for next year.  So we’re headed that way.”

Kain said teachers will undergo a week of training to become familiar with iPads and learn how to craft courses around them and around online collaboration platforms.  The grant funding went primarily to corporations looking to transition to more technology-based programs, including expanded use of tablet computers and teaching language skills via computer.

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