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Purdue Welcomes Wind Farm, Denies Coal-Fire Boiler


Photo: Wes Jackson (Flikr)

Purdue Board of Trustees approves the leasing of land for a wind turbine farm.

Purdue is taking a green step into more environmentally friendly energy options. The Purdue board of trustees voted Friday to approve the leasing of land for a wind turbine farm.   Purdue trustee Michael Berghoff says although not directly involved with developing the wind farm, the university, known for its engineering program, will benefit from it. He says it will give staff and students the opportunity to research topics that clearly connect with what the university is really good at.

The creation of a wind farm will be the first of its kind on Purdue property. The decision was made not too long after plans for a new coal-fire boiler had been canceled. Vice President for Physical Utilities Bob McMains says environmental groups like the Sierra Club opposed the coal-fired boiler. But says the opposition from environmental groups didn’t force their decision; more pressing was the financial and regulatory concerns.

“I personally didn’t feel any pressure from that,” Mcmain said. “I just feel like we always want to think about the economics of it in the long run as well as looking at the sustainability of our plant in the future.”

Purdue physical utilities will focus on a natural gas boiler instead.

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