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Purdue Students Protest Racism Across Campus


Photo: Kyle Stokes/StateImpact Indiana

Students walk through Purdue University's main campus.

Students marched along Purdue University‘s campus Monday to bring to light what they say is an increase in racism on campus. About 250 people marched on campus after a third case of racism was reported in the past year.

Last week, the words “white supremacy” were reportedly written on a mirror at Purdue‘s Black Cultural Center. A statement from the university says the words were transferred from a sticky note used during an educational seminar.

President of the Black Graduate Student Association at Purdue Tyrell Connor says the recent cases of racism on campus are not the only cases.

Connor says the racial slurs they see don‘t apply only to African-Americans and he references a Twitter account called “Purdue Asians”.

“The creator of this account would go around taking pictures of various Asian students on campus and tweeting really racist and derogatory things on the particular account,” Connor said. “We did try to address this with the university at one point but they said because they didn’t own the rights to this particular account they couldn’t do anything about it.”

He says events like this happen every day to different minority groups on campus. Connor says while Purdue does a good job of recruiting minorities, the university does not do much in the way of addressing incidents of racism.

He says because of this, the number of voices speaking out against racism is growing which was shown in Monday‘s march.

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