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Public Wants More Info on Redistricting Maps

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Photo: Dan Goldblatt/WFIU

The Democrats will release their maps Thursday.

Members of the public are asking for more time and more information about redistricting maps released this week.

Those who testified at the House committee meeting Wednesday included former state legislators, representatives from governmental groups and lobbying organizations, and citizens. Many praised House Republicans for drawing more compact districts- districts they said better respect communities of interest and maps that did not give too much weight to incumbency.

But almost all those who testified, like Julie Vaughn from the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission, said the redistricting process should not be rushed.

“We need more information,” she says, “and we hope that we will have time to gather that information, reflect and then respond back to you whether we think these are positive or negative changes.”

Vaughn and others say they want more information about the political breakdown of new districts so they can measure the competitiveness of each. New congressional maps must be completed by April 29th, the last day of the session. But House and Senate district maps don’t have to be done until next year’s election.

House Democrats will present their maps in committee Thursday.

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