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Proposed Bill Would Limit Teacher Bargaining Options


The proposed bill would limit what teachers unions can discuss with administrators during the collective bargaining process.

Collective bargaining between teachers and school corporations would be limited under a bill moving through the Indiana Senate. It would allow for talks on salary and benefits only during contract negotiations; requires contract lengths to be within the two-year state budget; and removes items from the so-called “discussion list” unions reps can bring up with administrators.

Nancy Pappas with the Indiana State Teachers Association said the union opposes the bill, because it’s too restrictive.

“Somebody says ‘I’m willing to solve your problem, but I’m not willing to put that in writing.’  How serious are they about solving your problems?” Pappas asked. “That’s what bargaining and discussion do.  They let you resolve problems and not let them fester.”

The Pensions and Labor Committee approved the proposal along party lines. The bill is part of the education reform package from Governor Mitch Daniels and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett.

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