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Postal Workers Protest Bill That Would Reduce Service

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Photo: LobStar (Flickr)

The U.S. Postal Service is billions of dollars in debt.

Post office workers demonstrated around the country Thursday, protesting a bill in the US Senate they say will dismantle the Postal Service.

The legislation currently in the Senate would end six-day mail delivery, close post offices and begin to phase out door-to-door delivery entirely. It comes in response to the Postal Service’s massive deficits, which total billions of dollars over the last five years.

But the protesters who gathered outside the Indianapolis offices of Senators Dan Coats and Richard Lugar say the deficit is a result of pre-funding.  Pre-funding requires money be put in a retirement fund now to cover those who may be ten or more years from retiring. South Bend letter carrier Tony Flora says pre-funding has to go.

“Actually, the Postal Service’s operations would be breaking even, even now, if it weren’t for all this pre-funding schemes,” says Flora. 

But Flora agrees that the business model of the Postal Service has to change.

“Let it process a lot of, let’s say, documentation and submissions that are done by other government agencies,” Flora says,  “use the post offices to do that.”

A representative from Senator Coats’ office came out to talk with the demonstrators but declined to speak with the media.

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